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Hello and Welcome! I am an actor, writer, director, and producer from Los Angeles, California with over ten years experience. My filmmaking journey began in 2010 when I was a frustrated actor in Dallas, TX. What was supposed to be a one-time shoot in 2013 to help me get footage for my demo reel evolved into a joyride that eventually led to my first fully self-produced creative endeavor, LIFEBOOK HACKERS. I created Lifebook Hackers out of a need to express myself as an actor, but then I realized if I wanted to make it, I needed to step into the role of both producer & director. The production taught me many lessons, but it best showed me I had determination. Most importantly, I learned I had a voice that only one avenue of the film industry could not fully amplify. Since then, I have written, produced, and directed various projects including THE TRUTH OF US and BAGELS AND COFFEE which enjoyed festival runs throughout the United States.

Through my work, I create a space for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ female artists that fosters connection and expression. It’s important to me to work with women of color to grow our community to maximize our stories. My filmmaking comes from a place of truth-telling and spirituality. It creates a space where I feel free to let my hair wrap fall to the floor and be naturally, fully me.

We were made from creation; therefore we were made to create.

What can I help you create today?

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