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The Other Partners (short film) comedy
Status: Festival Run


Rowyn's unabashed love for self-care is discovered when her boyfriend, Raj, innocently stumbles upon her dildo in a kitchen drawer.

The Other Partners started out as a fun way to encourage my female friends to explore self-pleasure that turned out to be a vehicle for me to work through my own need for sexual expression, unpacking trauma due to societal & religious standards, and a statement of solidarity with women everywhere as we witness the rights of women and girls be overturned. This film stands as a message that the access and freedom of our bodies lies within us.  

Screen Shot 2023-09-02 at 5.07.55 PM.png

Currently we are seeking funds to help with marketing materials for our film festival run. All contributions are currently tax deductible through 501c support by artist incubator Satellite Collective.

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