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DEAR HAIR: LOVE LETTERS TO OUR CROWN is a feature length documentary that explores Black womens’ relationship with their hair, as the filmmaker analyzes and rebuilds her own. The characters and stories in this film show how Black women love themselves, identify themselves, and heal themselves through the intimate & emotional connection Black women have with their own hair. 

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RIVER is a narrative short film, in part of the anthology feature, THROUGH THE BLINDS - which follows the lives of different women over the decades.


It's 1964, almost a year after the Alabama bombing and six-year-old River can't figure out why there is still a painting of White Jesus on her parents' living room wall. In her fight for justice, she sees the external oppression seep into her family's walls when her mom returns home from a mental health hospital. 

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FREEDOM is a horror feature length narrative with themes that explore slavery, micro-aggressions & racism, and White feminism. African American Venus and her White childhood best friend, Ashley, travel to Ohio to visit land Ashley recently inherited. Upon arriving to the land, Venus and Ashley begin to uncover what really happened on the property as the past horrors of slavery become very real around them -- and through them.

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